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Feeder Attachments

The "Wright" Feeder Attachment

Designed and tested gauze attachment is an inexpensive solution for the DIY feeder market.
Made from pressed mild steel and powder coated and can be used to feed wheat, barly, pellets and holding mixes.
Suitable for all game birds (including partridge), poultry and waterfowl(including ducks and geese) from poult to adult.
Can be easily fitted to any suitable container, barrel or hopper.
This feeder cannot be tampered with by badgers, deer or sheep
Damp pellets, chaff or straw will not cause a blockage as feeding birds will clear any blockage arising.
Can be fitted to our hoppers (see hoppers page)

The Spiral Feeder Attachment

The spiral feeder attachment can be easily attached to any suitable container, barrel or hopper. To fit just drill a 50mm hole and drop the spril spring through it, the plastic washer stops the spring from falling out.
The spiral feeder is made from very strong sprung steel and is incredable durable.
The spiral is squirrel proof and because the birds have to work harder for their food it discourages vermin like rooks and pigeons using the feeder.
The gaps between each spring coils is 3mm to help minimise wastage
Can be fitted to our hoppers

The Pan Feeder Attachment

The Pan Feeder is constructed from high impact plastic for long life.
The feed flows down the central funnel into the trough. There is a water run off drain around the bottom edge of the rim. This feeder can be used to feed Pheasants, Partridges, Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Quail, Geese, Bantams etc.

To Fit: Attach to a metal, plastic or wooden container by drilling a hole between 55mm - 80mm, then using the screws provided, screw the feeder to your hopper.

Suitable Feed: Wheat, Barley, Mixed Seed, Holding Mix, Pellets

Can be fitted to our hoppers

Price:  €6.00each + €2.00 P&P

Price:  €3.50 each + €2.00 P&P

Price:  €12.50 each + €2.00 P&P

The 1.5kg Feeder with Rain Hat

Price:  €8.00 each
+ €2.00 P&P

The 1kg Feeder 

Price:  €5.00 each
+ €2.00 P&P

The 1.5kg Feeder 

Price:  €6.00 each
+ €2.00 P&P

The 3kg Feeder 

Price:  €6.00 each
+ €2.00 P&P

The 5kg Feeder 

Price:  €10.00 each
+ €2.00 P&P


Large Pan Feeder Attachment

This 10" 250mm pan can be fitted to any suitable container for game and poultry feeders, the vertical blinds help overcome protective cock birds which can defend the feeder area from other users. It has a nearly full circumference drain strip to allow dust and water to run out thereby reducing cleaning frequency. The cone feed prevents the jamming of the neck and can be used with most feeds. The unit is supplied with 4 heavy duty angled anchor screws.

Price:  €20.00 each + €2.00 P&P

The 6kg Blenheim Feeder with rain hat

The New Blenheim Feeder has a capacity of 6 kg and comes complete with an Outdoor Rain Hat and a set of four push fit legs. Its finned base and outer ring prevents birds from flicking out feed reducing waste and mess. It is an ideal all purpose feeder for both game and poultry - whatever the weather.

Price:  €24.00 each + €2.00 P&P

Coop Cup Blue

Coop Cup Green

Coop Cup Red

Coop Cup White

Price:  €2.00 each  

Price:  €2.00 each  

Price:  €2.00 each  

Price:  €2.00 each  

An extremely practical feeder attachment for all game and poultry foodstuffs. An attachment where you can increase or decrease the rate of flow depending on the foodstuff type and the no. of birds. The large surface pan area allows many birds feed simultaneously, reducing wasteage & keeping food dry. Suitable for all foodstuffs such as wheat, barley, game & poultry pellets. Best results fitted to our 60 litre & 120 litre hoppers.   

Ajustable Pan Feeder Attachment

Price:  €20.00 each + €5.00 P&P

The King Feeder

Large multi-purpose indoor and outdoor 25kg feeder. Suitable for large amounts of game and poultry of all sizes.
a long established popular feeder.

Price:  €30.00 each + €8.00 P&P

The 12kg Handy Feeder

This Handy Feeder has a capacity of 12kg and comprises of a feed tray, feed tube, indoor lid, feed flow adjuster and an ergonomic carry handle that doubles as a hanger. This ultimate version has a tube with a finned base, to reduce wastage, and a set of 4 push fit legs.

Price:  €20.00 each + €8.00 P&P

The 12kg Eco-Feeder

This feeder has a capacity of 12kg and comprises of a feed tray, the feed tube and indoor lid.This deluxe version comes with feed tube and finned base, which prevents birds from flicking out feed, reducing waste.

Price:  €20.00 each + €8.00 P&P